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We are offering information for: Transitioning Vets, Training Providers, Employers.
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We Salute You

Thank you for your efforts and sacrifice, serving our country. While we can’t repay your years of service, we would like to do our part as you transition from soldier to civilian.

In collaboration with the military, Workforce Solutions Borderplex has a dedicated staff available to military personnel, veterans, and their spouses conveniently located on base. 


Free Services Include : 

  • Training & Certification Programs 
  • Job Search Assistance          
  • Personal Career Counselor
  • Skills Development
  •  Career Placement & More


Whether you’re coming to us seeking a career in a new industry, searching for work in your current one, or need additional skills to give you a boost over the competition, our job is to make sure that you get the job you want.

You served us. Now, it’s our turn. 
When You’re Ready To Get To Work

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Military Relocation

When you’re a military spouse, relocating can feel like a career crasher, but it doesn’t have to be. The Military Family Support Program, MFP, assists military spouses in obtaining employment opportunities. Whether you’re in need of career skills or additional training, we’re here to connect the right people to the right positions.


*available to qualifying spouses


Short-term Occupational Training

Enhanced Job Search Assistance

Career Placement Support

Transportation Support

Childcare Services

To Apply, Bring The Following Materials To 

the Ft. Bliss office at Building 725, Custer Rd.
Fort Bliss, TX 79906


Proof of Authorization to Work in the US

 (i.e. Birth Certificate, Passport, or Social Security Card) 

Federal, State or Local Government Issued ID

Relocation Orders 


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915-759-JOBS (5627)