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As the backbone of the local economy, when your business is successful, our community thrives. We offer a variety of services to local business to help find quality employees and train individuals to thrive in the workforce, all free of cost.

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Available Services
Talent Recruiting
Talent Recruiting

Based on your industry, we screen applicants to evaluate their aptitude, work ethic, values, occupational competency, and proficiency, plus any specific needs you have for the position.

Training Opportunities
Training Opportunities

When done right, building your employees’ skills can give you the greatest return on investment. Let WSB work with you to develop an efficient internal training program or secure funding for new skills training.

Job Fairs & Hiring Events
Job Fairs & Hiring Events

Use our team to build your team with personalized hiring events and placement programs. We can help you connect with applicants for specific positions, company-wide hiring, virtual roles, and more.

Fidelity Bonding
Fidelity Bonding

Through the Texas Workforce Commission, fidelity bonding services are available to reduce employers’ concerns about hiring at-risk job applicants who cannot be bonded through other sources. For this bonding, an insurance policy is issued to protect the employer against employee acts of dishonesty such as larceny, embezzlement, and theft.

Our Impact
5,201 Businesses Helped
Businesses Helped
7,665 Employees Hired
Employees Hired
3,000+ Job Fair Attendees
Job Fair Attendees
Business Solutions Success Stories
Addison Sommers

Addison came to WSB after her employer closed their doors and she was left without a job and three kids to feed. Working with a WSB Career Counselor, Addison was able to enroll in a technical program, qualify for a scholarship, and train for a new career. Within 18 months, she completed the program, found new employment and began earning a higher wage than she had previously received.

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