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The Workforce Situation Room

Welcome to the Workforce Situation Room – where we spotlight some of the promising and innovative solutions that address our most pressing workforce and economic challenges getting in the way of our mission at Workforce Solutions Borderplex. Production assistance from

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Childcare Scholarships, Info Event and Pop-up Enrollment for Businesses
Ready to Work Certification - Are you looking for a job? We have a solution for that!
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Workforce Wednesday
Workforce Wednesday Episode 24:
Off The Clock Again
Workforce Wednesday Episode 23:
HIRED at Red, White & You
Workforce Wednesday Episode 22:
Gearing Up For Red, White & You
Workforce Wednesday Episode 21:
WSB Connects Talent of Different Abilities Through Inclusivity
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Off The Clock
Off the Clock: Episode 3
Off the Clock
Off the Clock: Episode 2
Not the Unemployment Office
Off the Clock: Episode 1
Ready T'Work
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