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Welcome to the Workforce Situation Room – where we spotlight some of the promising and innovative solutions that address our most pressing workforce and economic challenges getting in the way of our mission at Workforce Solutions Borderplex. Production assistance from

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WSB is NOT The Unemployment Office
What does WSB actually do for the workforce?
Site Rider for Workforce Business Solutions
A new hero has his boots on the ground for the Borderplex, bringing Business Solutions for the Construction Industry. Mickey Noche silences the barriers dragging down the economy with data, resilience and his trusty sidekicks Skitt & Nancy Nextforce.
Wage World with Wayne Campos and Garth
Every year, Workforce Solutions Borderplex publishes a list of target occupations for the Borderplex region where we confidently invest in training and skills development to progress our economy. These are what we call Hot Jobs, all of which fit specific criteria before making the final jump into our workforce development strategy. These occupations must meet the following: Pay a $17.24 Living Wage (FY 2024); Have more than 20 annual openings; Have a projected industry growth of 10% or more
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Workforce Wednesday
Workforce Wednesday Episode 24:
Off The Clock Again
Workforce Wednesday Episode 23:
HIRED at Red, White & You
Workforce Wednesday Episode 22:
Prepárate para el Red, White & You
Workforce Wednesday Episode 21:
WSB Connects Talent of Different Abilities Through Inclusivity
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Off The Clock
Off the Clock: Episode 3
Off the Clock
Off the Clock: Episode 2
Not the Unemployment Office
Off the Clock: Episode 1
Ready T'Work
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