Our upskilling program is meant to help workers learn important skills for in-demand infrastructure jobs like fiber broadband techs, heavy equipment operators, welders, solar techs, water techs, and weatherization techs. The program prioritizes locally-owned public works contractors with short-term training needs.

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Program Details
Priority for Local Public Works Contractors
Priority for Local Public Works Contractors

  • Aimed at locally-owned and managed contractors with short-term training needs for infrastructure projects.

Flexibility in Training
Flexibility in Training

  • Training can be conducted in-house, online, or through any provider and must be completed within 1 year.

Employee Advancement
Employee Advancement

  • Promote employees into higher-skilled occupations.
  • Increase employee wages by at least 1% within 90 days of training completion.

Matching Investment
Matching Investment

Businesses commit involvement with a manageable investment:

  • 10% of training cost for businesses with 50 or fewer employees
  • 25% for businesses with 51-100 employees
  • 50% for businesses with more than 100 employees.

Financial Support*
Financial Support*

  • WSB will cover up to $10,000 per employee/student for training, materials and testing.

*Restrictions Apply

Targeted Jobs
Targeted Jobs

  • Fiber Broadband Techs
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Welders
  • Solar Techs
  • Water Techs
  • Weatherization Techs
  • And more!

This program is made possible by the City of El Paso.

City of El Paso
Success Stories
Addison Sommers

Addison came to WSB after her employer closed their doors and she was left without a job and three kids to feed. Working with a WSB Career Counselor, Addison was able to enroll in a technical program, qualify for a scholarship, and train for a new career. Within 18 months, she completed the program, found new employment and began earning a higher wage than she had previously received.

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