Digital Solutions for CCS Providers

Enhance your child care business in El Paso County with our digital solutions program aimed at improving family and child care communication. Upgrading your technology not only keeps you competitive but also increases your chances of achieving a higher-quality TRS certification. This opportunity is exclusively available for businesses operating in El Paso County, and the best part is, our support comes at no cost to you.

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Program Details
Unlock Up to $5,000 in Cutting-Edge Digital Services and Tools plus:
Unlock Up to $5,000 in Cutting-Edge Digital Services and Tools plus:

  • Upgraded Technology
  • Personalized Digital Transformation Plan
  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Improved ROI

This program is made possible by El Paso County.

El Paso County
Success Stories
Addison Sommers

Addison came to WSB after her employer closed their doors and she was left without a job and three kids to feed. Working with a WSB Career Counselor, Addison was able to enroll in a technical program, qualify for a scholarship, and train for a new career. Within 18 months, she completed the program, found new employment and began earning a higher wage than she had previously received.

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