Performance & Transparency Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Bobby Blanco
Board Chair - Private Sector
Ruben H. Torres
Vice Chair - Private Sector
Randall Kinzie
Secretary/Treasurer - Private Sector
Dr. Armando Aguirre
Public Education
Robert Alcala
Vocational Rehabilitation
Dr. Carlos Amaya
Adult Basic and Continuing Education
Satish Bhaskar
Public Assistance
Ruben Chavez
Private Sector
Chrystal Davis
Community-Based Organization
Dan Dunlap
Private Sector
Ernestina Fauntleroy
Child Care Workforce
Eduardo Garcia
Economic Development
Art Garza
Private Sector
Bobby Gear Jr.
Public Employment Representative
Christina Gonzalez
Private Sector
Leonard Tripper Goodman
Private Sector
Luis Hernandez
Ruby Maldonado
Private Sector
Mary Jo Ochoa-Hernandez
Literacy Council
Emma Schwartz
Private Sector
Mica Short
Community-Based Organization
Frank Spencer III
Private Sector
Adam Valdez
Organized Labor
Melissa Zamora
Private Sector
Briefs from the CEO
Operating Budget

We’ve got big ideas for the future that only get bigger as the years pass. Before becoming a reality, they must be approved by our Board of Directors, who then earmark the funds to put those plans in motion. When it comes to our Operating Budget, we have an open policy.

Board Meeting Minutes

Workforce Solutions takes pride in analyzing and assessing our performance and effectiveness as a workforce development board funded by the Texas Workforce Commission and Department of Labor, in addition to an array of non-formula funding from strategic partners.

Our research team and program managers regularly report economic trends, program performance, and the labor market, producing a concise annual report each year.

Board Meeting Presentations