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Do You Know What Generates The Highest ROI? 

Continuing to build your employees career skills 


Training a new employee or upskilling your current staff can be a bottomless time and financial pit without a clear process and methodology in place. And developing internal training programs is not exactly simple. 

Thankfully, Workforce Solutions is more than a name. It’s what we do. Of 99+ problems, employee training doesn’t have to be one


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On The Job Training

When you work with us, we work with you, covering up to 50 percent of trainee wages, offsetting the costs. 


How It Works 


We’re So Confident In Our Candidates, We'll Bank Roll Part Of The Bill

Once you contact us, we’ll connect you with a Business Services Specialist dedicated to understanding who you are and what you do. Based on your company, we tailor an agreement, outlining the occupational training we would provide to approved candidates, summarizing the steps taken, and the deadlines and objectives to be met.

But that’s the paperwork, in real life, you’ve got options


Work Experience          Apprenticeships          Occupational Training   



Work Experience

This is where our Business Specialists become workforce matchmakers, uniting people to the positions you need filled.

Prior to stepping foot in your business, we work one-on-one with candidates, assessing their current qualifications, experience, and aptitude. The results inform us of the necessary training they’ll require before becoming eligible to apply for On-The-Job Site Work Experience Training. 

If we’re recommending them as a potential candidate for the Work Experience Training program, they have earned our seal of approval. The best part - not only is our workforce matchmaking expertise free of charge, but you can apply for financial relief to cover the training costs.



Competing in a growing economy means staffing knowledgeable employees you can rely on. We believe in the future of Borderplex so much that we invest in local apprenticeships whole heartedly, knowing that it’s an investment, stimulating the growth of our home.

These structured programs are designed to create valuable employees with a comprehensive knowledge of their industry. By combining classroom instruction for the practical and theoretical applications required for highly skilled occupations with the hands-on experience, apprenticeships power people.  

Occupational Training

Eligible businesses who meet the Workforce Program Guidelines can receive training assistance up to $8,500 which may include :

Training Costs


 Equipment Costs

& More

*For eligible participants selecting training programs from the state-wide Eligible Training Provider System



Grant Funded Skills Training

If you select Grant Funded Skills Training, you have several options to choose from 

- all largely funded by the Texas Workforce Commission.

Skills For Small Businesses          Skills For Veterans         

Self-Sufficiency Fund          Skills Development Fund 



Skills For Small Businesses

Small business with less than 100 employees?

You may qualify to finance training for full-time employees through the Skills for Small Business program. Whether it’s a new hire or current employees, training is a cost effective way to increase productivity, focus, and profitability.  

Qualifying businesses can receive $1,450 in tuition and fees for new hires

Up to $725 for existing, full-time employees

*existing, full-time employees are defined as permanent employees per 12-month period


Skills For Veterans  

Private business with a newly hired veteran? 

You may qualify for assistance through the Skills for Veterans program

All private businesses planning on upskilling the industry relevant skills of newly hired veterans are invited to apply with the Texas Workforce Commission. Provided by the local community, technical college, or the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), training may award businesses up to $1,450 to cover tuition costs and fees.


Self Sufficiency Fund

The Self-Sufficiency Fund assists businesses and trade unions by financing the creation and implementation of internal job-training programs for new and current staff.

Typically, applicable for up to 12 months, these grants are intended to offer opportunities for families in need, adult Temporary Assistance, as well as, individuals at risk of becoming dependent on public assistance.




Skills Development Fund

The Skills Development Fund facilitates the creation and implementation of internal job-training programs for new and current staff for businesses and trade unions. The fund aims to increase the skill level and wages of workers in the state of Texas by merging the businesses needs through custom training programs. 

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