Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Our organization offers ways for Employers to provide training to incoming candidates or existing employees by way of:

On-the-Job-Training | Grant-Funded Skills Training

Business Services Hotline (915) 887-2332 or email

On-the-Job Training

In our effort to develop our workforce and bring you the best candidates, Workforce Solutions Borderplex will cover up to 50 percent of the wage for eligible participants to offset the cost of training for a specific period of time.

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A representative from our Workforce Solutions Borderplex Career Center will develop a tailored agreement for you detailing the occupational training we would be providing to eligible participants. Our team will crunch the numbers and summarize the goals and deadlines to ensure your business is equipped with Job Ready participants that WSB is willing to bank vouch for.  Trainings vary depending on the needs of the participants and the business, and those details are ironed out during a thorough screening of your business needs by our trained Business Consultants.

Work Experience

Many of our programs require that our participants obtain work experience to successfully complete the process. This is where our Business Consultants that work with our Employers team up with our Career Navigators that work with program participants and jobseekers to become workforce matchmakers. Participants who meet the criteria for the employers needs AND program requirements are then placed with employers. Employers may qualify to get assistance in covering the costs of training, but the search for candidates is handled by the WSB team! Plus, participants are also able to get hands-on work experience and potential permanent employment. It’s a win-win!


In this combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction, workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly-skilled occupation. Apprenticeship programs are paid for by joint employer and labor groups, individual employers, or employer associations.  Workforce Solutions Borderplex invests in this aspect of training to stimulate and assist specific industries in developing and improving knowledge and skills. Our goal is to provide skilled and reliable workers needed to compete in a global economy. Workforce Solutions Borderplex may cover the costs of tuition, books, and training-required equipment for eligible participants. These participants must meet certain program eligibility guidelines. 

Occupational Training

Workforce Solutions Borderplex provides training assistance, up to $8,500, for eligible participants who meet workforce program guidelines. Training assistance may include the cost of training, books, and training-required equipment for participants selecting training from the statewide Eligible Training Provider System.

Adult Education and Literacy

Individuals in need of basic skills development and/or adult education and literacy services can be referred by Workforce Solutions Borderplex staff to an educational program of the participant’s choice in partnership with AEL (ß linked acronym to jobseeker section of AEL) partners. For those participants who require assistance with the GED testing fee, Workforce Solutions will provide the cost for the testing fee.

Ask your Business Consultant for more information on these training opportunities and tailor a Business Service package specifically for your needs.

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Grant-Funded Skills Training

The opportunity to train the workforce is largely funded by grants from the Texas Workforce Commission.

Skills for Small Business

Workforce Solutions Borderplex can provide training available through grants from the Skills for Small Business program. The goal of this program is to help employers with fewer than 100 employees by financing training for full-time employees. Small businesses can benefit by increasing the skills of current employees and prepare new hires for their job requirements. Tuition and fees paid up to $1,450 for new hires and up to $725 for existing full-time, permanent employees per 12-month period.

Skills for Veterans

The Skills for Veterans Program assists private businesses in upgrading the skills of newly hired veterans. The program was designed to address the training needs of post-9/11veterans returning home and entering the Texas workforce. All private businesses can apply with Texas Workforce Commission for training offered by their local community or technical college, or the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), to train newly hired veterans. Up to $1,450 can be awarded to cover fees and tuition for veteran training.

Self-Sufficiency Fund

The Self-Sufficiency Fund program assists businesses and trade unions by financing the development and implementation of customized job-training projects for new and current workers. The purpose of the Self-Sufficiency Fund is to provide training for targeted employment opportunities, primarily for adult Temporary Assistance for Needy Families recipients as well as those individuals at risk of becoming dependent on public assistance. Grants are typically for 12 months.

Skills Development Fund

The Skills Development Fund program assists businesses and trade unions by financing the design and implementation of customized job-training projects. This fund successfully merges business needs and local customized training opportunities into a successful formula to increase the skills levels and wages of the Texas Workforce.

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