Vocational Rehabilitation

Getting you to work is all in a day’s work when we partner with the Texas Workforce Commission. The Vocational Rehabilitation program is dedicated to facilitating, preparing, retaining, and locating employment for individuals with disabilities. 


By completing the online self-referral, you are taking the first step in your Vocational Rehabilitation journey.

✓  If you have a physical, mental, or emotional disability that affects your ability to obtain or maintain employment, you may be eligible for our services to help you in finding and retaining meaningful employment.

  Please complete the form fields so that we may connect you with a counselor who can tell you more about how the VR process works.

  Once your information has been received, you will be contacted by VR staff to schedule time to discuss your interest in vocational rehabilitation (VR) services.   If you would like, a friend or family member may join you in this conversation. 


If you do decide to apply for VR services, eligibility for those services is based on these four factors:

1. You have a physical, cognitive, or mental impairment documented by the appropriately qualified professional (doctor, psychologist or other)

2. Your documented impairment causes a substantial barrier to getting or keeping employment

3. You can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services that lead to an employment outcome

4. You require vocational rehabilitation services to prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment

Youth with Disabilities

When you’re a student or young adult with a disability, the future of what you can do when you grow up can seem uncertain. Our Vocational Rehabilitation program acts as a pre-employment transition service to prepare you for a bright future in your field of choice. 

Post-Secondary Education

Employment Opportunities

Job Exploration 

Career Counseling

Apprenticeships & Training

Hands-On Work-Based Educational Experiences

& More


Adults with Disabilities

Disability doesn’t have to mean the inability to work. When a disability causes a substantial barrier to gaining employment, Vocational Rehabilitation steps up. 

Counseling & Guidance

 Vocational Evaluations

Rights Advocacy & Information

 Training & Education Assistance

 Assistive Technology 

& More

*Need on-going assistance? Supported Employment and referrals to Business Enterprises of Texas Program and Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center are available upon request and evaluation.


Employers Assisting Individuals with Disabilities    

Considering hiring or recruiting an employee with a disability? Accommodating an individual with a disability is simple when you have Workforce Solutions Borderplex supporting you.

 Assistance Accommodating Employees with Disabilities

Information on Programs & Benefits, etc.

Disability Awareness Training

Recruitment & Job-Matching Assistance 

Understanding State & Federal Compliance

Coordinating Employer Symposia & Job Fairs

Contact Us For More Information

Vocational Rehabilitation is a state-funded service provided at no charge 

Alex Lopez
 (915) 887-2132

 Bobby Alcala 
 (915) 478-1324

 Bertha Torres
 (915) 472-6913


TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Inquiries

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The Vocational Rehabilitation program, previously known as the Texas Department of Assistive Rehabilitative Services (DARS), helps people with disabilities prepare for, find or retain employment and helps youth and students prepare for post-secondary opportunities. The program, in partnership with Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Workforce Solutions and WSB also helps businesses and employers recruit, retain and accommodate employees with disabilities.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program serves:

Adults with disabilities

Youth and students with disabilities

Businesses and employers

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) serves adults with disabilities when the disability is a substantial barrier to employment and VR services are required to achieve employment. Available services include vocational evaluations, counseling and guidance, training and education assistance, assistive technology and more. Supported employment services are available for consumers needing ongoing assistance, as well as referral to our Business Enterprises of Texas Program and Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center.

The VR program serves youth and students with disabilities when pre-employment transition services are required to prepare for and obtain post-secondary education and employment opportunities. Services include job exploration and counseling, work-based learning experiences and training.

Businesses and employers seeking to recruit, hire and accommodate employees with disabilities, including helping them to comply with federal hiring and accommodation requirements are also a priority for Workforce Solutions Borderplex VR Services.  Services include assistance accommodating employees with disabilities, disability awareness training, recruitment and job-matching assistance and coordination of employer symposia and job fairs.

Are you an individual needing special accommodations to work? Are you an employer needing assistance with providing accommodations to your employees? VR services are a state-funded service provided at no charge to individuals and employers. For more information, please contact:

Local Level:
Connie Benford
 (915) 472-6502
Bobby Alcala
 (915) 478-1324
Bertha Torres
 (915) 472-6913
State Level:

TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Inquiries

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