Students/Young Adults

Our Youth Are

The Future Of The Workforce 

Today Decides Tomorrow 

Not yet bound by the same obligations and pressures of adulthood, our youth still have the kind of uninhibited hope enabling them to dream up an extraordinary future. 

...And Workforce Solutions Borderplex has the mother of all tool kits to help them build it. 


To our youth, You're the pulse of our community, its future, and visionaries. What you do today becomes tomorrow’s reality.

So, What Will You Do?

Here’s some of the things we’ll do to help you on your journey down the career path.              

✓Innovative Programs

✓Career Counselor

✓Interactive Workshops   

✓Gas Money

✓Educational Assistance

✓Customized Career Planning

✓One-Of-A-Kind Career Explorations


 ✓ Job-Related Financial Assistance   

✓Child Care

& The Tools You’ll Need To Support Your Professional Journey

Getting Started



Do I Qualify?                                                                                

Are you or someone you know interested in tapping into your career potential? 

Find out if you qualify by answering the questions below


Are you a resident of one of the following counties : 

Brewster, Culberson, El Paso, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, or Presidio


Are you 14-24-years old


Are you a U.S. Citizen or a non-citizen authorized to work in the United States


If you are a male 18+ years old, have you registered for Military Selective Service 


Do you fall within the income guidelines in the chart below 



Family Size: 1 - Income: $11,770 

Family Size: 2 - Income: $15,930 

Family Size: 3 - Income: $21,821 

Family Size: 4 - Income: $26,939 

Family Size: 5 - Income: $31,795 

Family Size: 6 - Income: $37,186 

Family Size: 7 - Income: $42,577 

Family Size: 8 - Income: $47,968 

Family Size: 9 - Income: $53,359 

Family Size: 10 - Income: $58,750 

Family Size: Greater than 10 - Income: Add $5,391 for each person above 10. 




Priority Programs                                                                                  

The following categories are our Priority Support Youth Programs. If you or someone you know falls within any of these categories, please reach out as soon as possible for more information. 

Youth In Foster Care

School Dropout 

Reading and / or Math Deficient 

Behind Grade Level(s) 

Pregnant or Young Parent 

Individuals with Disabilities

Homeless or Runaway  



Contact Us For More Information

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Additional Resources



Texas Internship Challenge 

Youth Partners 


El Paso Independent School District 

Socorro Independent School District – Community Education

Ysleta Independent School District – Community Learning Center 

P.R.I.D.E Center 

El Paso Center for Children

Pinnacle Social Services