Career Coaching

A Boost in Your Career Path

Our goal at Workforce Solutions Borderplex is to establish or invigorate your career journey by infusing elements of mentorship and coaching, skills development, mental toughness and a self-commitment to new heights in your potential. Working with us is like hiring a dedicated life coach for your career. You may already have a steady job, but something just feels like it’s missing. Whether it’s wanting a better salary, a more rewarding profession, or even a promotion, we are here to Work for You.

Learn about opportunities that work best with your career goals and match with a Career Navigator today:

If you plan to email us, we ask that you let us know you are “Ready to Work” in the subject line and provide your contact info and ultimate desire with your career vision. A dedicated Career Navigator will be in touch.


Level Up Your Skills With Free Webinars

Workforce Solutions offers over 50 weekly opportunities for virtual career coaching in a variety of topics, accessible through our event calendar.