Our Employment Services team is ready to work for you. Due to the pandemic, our services have converted to a virtual setting. We are providing a multitude of services including help with registering your profile to Work in Texas, job searches, resume building, cover letter writing, interview coaching and so much more! To set an appointment, you can simply start a chat with the bubble on the bottom right corner of the website, or you can call or email us at the following: 

Workforce Solutions Hotline (915) 887-2600 or email


Virtual Eligibility Process (New)

We're online for you to provide access to education, gas money, child care, uniforms, a customized career plan, and any other tools you need to support your journey to a job you love. Let’s get you on the right path, starting with our virtual eligibility form that makes the process fast and easy. Click on the link and take your first step to your career

**Support services are based on scholarship availability and eligibility. Sign up today so that we can screen what you are eligible for. 


Adult Education and Literacy

For adults in search of assistance with education, literacy services and basic skills development, Workforce Solutions is here to help you Upgrade Your Life with Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) services! Our staff has close connections with community partners who are dedicated to matching you to the services you need most. Whether it’s learning English, getting your GED, getting practice with using a computer, our partners have the resources to develop your skills and background to help you reach your potential as an impressive job candidate.

To join our list of eligible participants that receive AEL services please get in contact with our staff at (915) 887-2600 or to determine if you qualify.

These are some of the programs that offer assistance with education and training:

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Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly-skilled occupation. Apprenticeship programs are sponsored by joint employer and labor groups, individual employers, or employer associations. The purpose is to stimulate and assist industry in developing and improving knowledge and skills to provide the skilled workers needed to compete in a global economy. Workforce Solutions Borderplex provides assistance with the cost of tuition, books, and training-required equipment for eligible participants who meet workforce program guidelines who select training from the statewide Eligible Training Provider System. For more information, please contact our center by calling (915) 887-2600.

Occupational Training

Workforce Solutions Borderplex provides training assistance, up to $8,500, for eligible participants who meet workforce program guidelines. Training assistance may include the cost of training, books, and training-required equipment for participants selecting training from the statewide Eligible Training Provider System. For more information, please contact our center by calling (915) 887-2600.

On-the-Job Training

An employer may receive up to 50 percent of the wage for eligible participants to offset the cost of training for a specific period of time. A contract is developed between the employer and the Workforce Solutions Borderplex Career Center operator to provide occupational training for the participant in exchange for reimbursement of up to 50 percent of the wage rate to compensate the employer for the extraordinary costs. For more information, please contact our center by calling (915) 887-2600.

Unemployment Benefits Services

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Work Experience

Participant placements with employers are made to provide individuals with hands-on work experiences. These placements may be subsidized by Workforce Solutions Borderplex or they may be unsubsidized placements. For more information, please contact our center by calling (915) 887-2600.

Online Training Resources

Metrix Learning for Unemployment Insurance Claimants

The Metrix online learning platform provides unlimited access to more than 5,000 Skillsoft courses used by many Fortune 500 companies.  Courses are broken into 30- to 60-minute modules.  Courses (presented in English and Spanish) include: 

  • Customer Service 
  •  Microsoft Office; Adobe; Quick Books 
  •  Analytical Skills; Data Management/Reporting 
  • Time Management; Leadership Skills 
  • Health & Safety; First Aid 
  • And many more skill tracks

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Become a Solution. A Workforce Solution.

Become Job Ready certified by Workforce Solutions Borderplex. Being a standout, competitive job candidate holds more weight than ever in the current economy and our team understands the urgent need to level up your skills and get you into a job quickly.

The Job Ready Certified Series is an intensive workshop series focused on mid- to high-level job seeking skills and strategies. Each series is scheduled from Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 2PM for a total of 25 job searching activity hours.

Workshops included in the series include:

  • Resume Writing: Beyond the Basics
  • Building (and Improving) an Effective Linkedin Profile
  • Interview Strategies: From Body Language to Thank-You Letters
  • Interview First Aid: Responding to Worst-Case Scenarios

On their final day customers will receive a certificate of completion and their Job Ready VIP pass. Customers will also receive a digital VIP badge with their picture for priority access to virtual Job Fairs and will also have a professional resume branded with the badge. Job Ready customers also work closely with job placement specialists who match opportunities with Borderplex Certified customers, enhancing their chances of finding employment.

To register for the Series, customers must have a professional resume to be uploaded on the registration form.

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