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Connecting people to the careers they want is what we do. From people who do this, all day, every day, we can tell you first hand that no two paths to a successful career are the same...not. a. single. one. 

Life happens to all of us, period. 

Sometimes, it leaves us without the resources to grab the life we want. While there’s no one way, there is one place with all of the tools to help you get it. Education, Gas Money, Child Care, Uniforms, A Customized Career Plan...

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Adult Education & Literacy

Education Is A Powerful Weapon You Should Never Be Forced To Go Without

Now, You’ll Never Have To...

 From getting your GED, learning English, beginner’s computer skills or to read, our Adult Education & Literacy, AEL, was designed to be convenient to attend and free of charge for eligible participants. 

We have incredible partners at the Far West Adult Education Consortium, made up of compassionate professionals and educators from three districts: El Paso ISD, Ysleta ISD, Socorro ISD



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Investing In Your Future Costs Nothing,

But Gains You Everything


Did you get a degree outside of the US and you’re struggling to get your credits transferred? This opportunity right here might switch up the game for you!

Learn how you could use your international university degree to work or study in the United States.

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Change Industry, Gain Working Experience & The Technical Skills 

to hit the ground running


 -Pair you with an employer in your field of choice

- Assist with the cost of books, required equipment, etc.

-Support you in obtaining a position in your field after the apprenticeship

-WSB pays up to $8,500 in training assistance for eligible participants


What's An Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are structured training programs, offering the opportunity to work towards a qualification. Receive hands-on training with an employer in your desired field to gain real-time experience. 

To get the upper hand as a valuable employee, you’ll, also, receive industry-related instruction in a classroom, learning the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for your new highly skilled occupation.

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*available for select trainings found in the statewide Eligible Training Provider System



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