New Applicants

New Applicants 


Pre-Screening Questions

(application is at the bottom of the page, but first, let's see if you pre-qualify)

Are you eligible for free childcare services?

Answer these quick pre-screening questions to find out 

1. Do you live in one of these counties? 



   -El Paso


   -Jeff Davis



2. Are You : 

   A. a working single parent or in school/training at least 25 hours per week

   B. two parent household with both parents working or in school for a combined work week of at least 50 hours

   C. a parent who is currently searching for employment


3. Read the chart below. Is your monthly income less than the amount based on your family size? 

Family Size

Max Monthly Income Allowed

85% State Median Income

2 $4,276
3 $5,283
4 $6,289
5 $7,295
6 $8,301
7 $8,490
8 $8,679
9 $8,867
10 $9,056


Answered “Yes” to all 3 of these questions? 

You may be eligible for our Childcare Program!

Start the application process by selecting your language of choice 


 English                    Español

If you didn't answer “yes” to all 3 questions you may not be eligible for assistance right now 

Visit the Childcare Resource Library HERE to find organizations that better suited to your parenting journey at this time.