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You work hard to give your children the best chance you can. 

Each of our Texas Rising Star Centers are rigorously inspected to guarantee the highest quality care of any facility in the state of Texas. Our centers don’t babysit your children, they nurture their minds and spirits, educating them using state approved and certified programs which always meet or exceed guidelines.

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Don’t take our word for it! Check the care center or daycare’s state record HERE before making a decision. 




 The CCAA, Child Care Attendance Automation, functions in tandem with our child care programs and all families who participate. Parents and guardians are required to record their children’s attendance and absences from the child care facilities using the card provided. 

Unreported attendances are counted as an absence. Once the maximum number of absences are met, your child care services will be placed on a 30-day suspension, during which period, you may have to reapply for or be placed on a waiting list. If you’ve already been suspended and the absences continue, child care services will be terminated. 

If your childcare services have been terminated and you plan on reapplying in the future, keep your card as it will be reused for future child care attendance tracking. 


Attention : Childcare providers do not and should not maintain your CCAA card. Allegations of fraud will be investigated. Penalties may be applied if found guilty.

In case of :

CCAA card is lost or stolen

CCAA card was not received within seven (7) days of request

CCAA card is not working properly

Fraud or misuse of the CCAA system is suspected


El Paso county residents call Child Care Services at  

(915) 500-7665 


 Brewster, Culberson, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis or Presidio county residents call Child Care Services at  

(432) 837-9800