Child Care Resource Library

Our Child Care Resource Library is designed specifically with the parent in mind and serves as a collection of helpful links to organizations centered primarily on early childhood. We encourage you to look through all our sub-categories to find the ideal resource to assist you on your journey of caregiving and parenthood.

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Parent Resources

Texas Child Care SolutionsTexas Child Care Solutions

Access resources and information to help you make informed decisions on your child care options. Connect with up-to-date state and local parent announcements, information, ideas and on-the-ground resources.

Help and HopeAlways Give Babies Room to Breathe

Keep your infant safe while they sleep. Learn how to prevent death from accidental suffocation or strangulation by giving them the necessary space they need to have a healthy, happy and safe night’s sleep.

NAEYCNational Association for the Education of Young Children

Stay up-to-date on the latest practices, policies and research in early education development. With over 60,000 collaborators, there is always something new to learn about your child’s education pipeline.

Texas Parents as TeachersTexas Parents as Teachers

Bulk up your parental toolkit with rich resources to help you along your parenting journey. From child development milestones to be mindful of, to parental support and school readiness guidance, there is help for you along every step of the way.

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Development & Education

Texas Early Learning Council: The Texas Early Learning Council

Learn about all the physical, emotional, intellectual and language development milestones and when to expect your child to hit each and every one. Get access to resources that will help you assist in their development, every step of the way.

Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early LearningCenter on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Free, unlimited access to videos, parental resources and materials for parents of young children. Learn about school readiness, emotional development milestones and how you can help your child reach every developmental stage to get them school-ready.

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Support Services

Early Childhood InterventionEarly Childhood Intervention

Get access to support services and programs designed specifically to assist families with children with disabilities and developmental delays. Get a personalized development and services plan for your child that helps them reach developmental goals, at no cost to you or your family.


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Early Childhood Research

Child Care & Early Education Research Connections Child Care & Early Education Research Connections

Dive into the research and data resources used by policy makers and practitioners that help promote high quality research in child care and early education. Learn more about how children can receive quality care while families receive support to work.

Cornell UniversityCornell University College of Human Ecology

Short, easy to read fact sheets designed specifically for parents. Learn all about the latest parenting and child development research from a top-tier research institution.

National Center for Children in Poverty National Center for Children in Poverty

Get access to the research behind the policies that combat childhood poverty. Learn how to make meaningful change to reduce the number of families experiencing hardship and help advocate for low-income children and their families.

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